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KATVR's full name is Hangzhou Virtual Technology Co., Ltd. It is a company that is working on the research and development of the virtual reality interactive equipment and technology operation,Website:http://www.katvrglobal.com, having a goal to provide users with a more complete VR immersive experience. KATVR has more than 20 independent intellectual property rights at home and abroad, and they focus on different research and development areas, including virtual reality interactive technology, ergonomics and action capture technology. Their independent research and development product is the world's first non-binding VR mobile platform, and the company is one of the two world major providers of ODT (Omni-directional treadmill). KATVR goes through the core of VR technology and actively expands the business-oriented VR content. The company has completed the Zhejiang Construction Group safety education training project, held the fire safety simulation project in six hospitals and gradually developed into a professional content production company. 2.The development history (recommended in the form of the time axis): 2013 - team formation. 2014, September - KATVR participated in the first China VRplay Virtual Reality Industry Experience Exhibition. The company demonstrated the KAT virtual reality interactive products, received good evaluation from the industry and a high degree of attention from the domestic media, was proposed dozens of domestic team cooperations, sponsorship and investment offers. 2015, February - KATVR participated in the future of Hangzhou - Zhejiang Science and Technology City Dream Town. Win the first "pioneer business venture" contest, and was in the first batch of seed enterprises settled in the Dream Town. Was featured on Zhejiang TV and many other media reports. 2015, May - KATVR participated in China's first smart hardware exhibition, officially released KAT SPEED cabin for driving simulation, got access to a large number of agents and purchase offers.
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